Ajuda sobre jogar multiplayer

Olá galera, o negocio é o seguinte; Eu ja jogo o Victoria II a um tempo só que era o pirata, então resolvi comprar ele, e gostaria de saber como eu faço para jogar ele online com alguns amigos, eu ja pesquisei em fóruns e aqui mesmo e não achei nada que explique passo a passo como fazer. Agradecido se me respondeem :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


"Anyway, you either need to open ports (a bit tedious and annoying, but useful for very large MP games), or you and your friends use a third-party program like Hamachi, Evolve or Tunngle.
Either of those are fine. Connect to each other (depends on the program how, but they are all pretty easy) then start up Victoria II, the host, well hosts, the others join via “Connect Internet Game” and insert the host’s Hamachi/Tunngle/Evolve IP.

Some things that are worth noting :

  • Host has to unblock the firewall, or, simply disable it for the moment.
  • Players need to pick a name besides the default “Player” - that is because the PC cannot handle multiple instances with the same name. (you can change your name in the bar over “Host” in Multiplayer)
  • All players need the same checksum. Mods are fine too, but all have to have the same mods then. Playing SP / MP game will alter the checksum, so all need a fresh restart.
  • You can chat with “Tab” - rightclick the messages from other players and unselect “Popup” unless you want to get a popup message everytime someone chats.

Some stability fixes :

  • If the game OOS (Out of Synch) for someone, you have to rehost. If you continue, you may end up with very different outcomes (e.g. for someone the X attacks him, for the others not).

  • If you rehost, do not simply resign - you all have to restart the entire game (even though when all resign their checksum is altered the same, it will :heart::heart::heart::heart: things up ingame).

  • Don’t keep it paused too long early on - speed 1 is just as fine and will not cause early OOS.

  • Don’t write in the startup chat (the small chatbox where everybody waits for the other players).

  • When you continue a savegame, let the host load the save up first, only then join. Joining while the host loads the save can cause problems.

  • If you are all loaded, but for someone another player seems to be stuck at XY% loading (and the player says he has finished loading), the player with the display bug must leave the lobby and rejoin."