[MOD] Blood and Iron

[justify][size=150][font=Fantasy][tab=30]Blood and Iron é um mod para o Victoria 2: Heart of Darkness 3.0.4 focado principalmente em eventos históricos e culturais de países “negligenciados” pela Paradox. está atualmente na versão Beta v3, com somente o cenário de 1836 funcional.

[tab=30]Alguns destaques do mod incluem um “revamp”, ou seja, uma renovação total, do modo como revoluções e crises funcionam, mudanças importantes na economia (com relação a eventos, principalmente), eventos culturais e políticos, com foco em países fora dos grupo principal, como os da América do Sul, África e Ásia. Também adiciona novas culturas, algumas províncias, novas bandeiras, rebalanceamento de reformas e muitas decisões históricas.

[tab=30]Changelog das versões:[/font][/size][/align]
[spoil]Beta v3

  • Went through every country file and fixed missing techs, accepted pops, reforms, UH compositions etc, also added unciv reforms for some releasable nations (for example Indian minors or Middle Eastern countries)
  • Added a lot of missing pops and cultures for the 1861 scenario
  • Lowered the liferating the Byzantine decision gives to Constantinople
  • Moved the Dominican War of Independence to the historical date
  • Reworked Dominican Republic pops based on historical estimates
  • Forming Hansa changes the tech school to commerce tech
  • Added Tahiti as a releasable country
  • Removed Galician accepted pops from Spain and Portugal, added the accepted culture for forming Iberia, also reworked the cores and pops, and fixed the country file
  • Added back the Picard pops, made sure the French Language School decision deals with them
  • France don’t start with Wallonian accepted culture anymore, but it’s possible to get them accepted (needs to own Wallonia)
  • Changed the starting political reforms in France based on the sources I found
  • Added a province in Macedonia for better Albanian borders. Province shape based on HPM
  • Removed useless Gaoshan, Cham, Maldivian cultures, fixed the country file and pops of Maldives
  • Fixed some countries with slavery not having a single slave pop
  • Changed the Wallon and Picard culture decision for Netherlands (based on PDM)
  • Added a Pindus tag to slow down the Aromanian assimilation
  • Added Sunni Georgian (Laz) pops to the Ottoman Empire
  • Decreased the Turkish pops in Western Bulgaria, increased the Greek pops in Thrace and Crete, increased the Assyrian and Armenian pops for more historically accurate representation
  • Fixed some pops in France, Italy, Austria, Balkans, Russia, Africa, Great Britain
  • Fixed Eupen’s liferating
  • Moldova and Wallachia can’t unite anymore if one of them is a puppet. Same goes for Bohemia and Slovakia, unless they have the same overlord
  • Constructing the Walhalla now costs money
  • Restored the Greenland and Iceland region
  • Reworked Venice cores
  • Fixed some events not firing because of wrong encoding
  • Readded the Suez strait
  • Turned the Bosporus and Dardanelles to canals to block enemy movements during wars (just like in WW1)
  • Neutral Switzerland now only allies with and gives military access to the sphere owner
  • USA province events are less spammy now
  • Champasak starts as Siam’s vassal, based on the outcome of the Laotian Rebellion
  • Fixed a decision that adds a modifier for the 1861 scenario being selectable for Japan
  • Improved provinces in the Carpathians for more accurate borders
  • Fixed some Swedish events about Norwegians never firing
  • Granting independence for Norway now removes the accepted culture from Sweden
  • Fixed some minor core issues in the French and Japanese dismantlement, removed some stupid things from the United Kingdom’s dismantlement
  • Balanced the election events in the 3.04 version and added a lot more, mostly related to reforms. Added the decision to silence elections
  • Fixed some election events not firing in the 3.03 version
  • Fixed some countries not getting ministers
  • Added a lot of renaming decisions for Greece/Byzantium/Pontus and Brazil
  • Reworked the Golden Circle for CSA. It’s now a series of decisions, based on PDM
  • Added news articles for the major archeology events
  • Added an event related to the end of personal union between the Netherlands and Luxembourg in 1890, which releases Luxembourg if the Treaty of London is signed
  • Improved and fixed some vanilla events. Mostly because they costed ridicously low amount of money or missed a government type/country tag to fire. The nationalist movement events are now only apply to non primary and accepted cultures as they should be. Hosting the Olympics now costs money all the time, not just the first one. World Fairs are also more expensive now
  • Added a Panama Canal Company event
  • Hungary can also annex Bosnia with the decision now, based on Bosnia was under joint occupation of Austria and Hungary
  • Inherited some elements from the Dutch Improvement Mod. Mostly events about the East Indies colonial policy, with some political events and scandals in the Netherlands
  • Fixed and reworked the Greater Netherlands decisions
  • Balanced some event modifiers
  • Balanced some national values, policies and reform effects. Lowered the number of technologies the unciv reforms give
  • Moved Kotor to the Montenegro region for more possible ports for Austria-Hungary
  • Brazil now can’t get another minister when Dom Pedro II is active
  • USA and CSA can now support or force the resettlement of Afro Americans to Liberia if slavery is outlawed
  • Fixed presidental dictatorships allowing socialist parties
  • Added the South American Dreadnought Race for Brazil, Argentina and Chile
  • Added an event about the Chilean Civil War of 1891
  • Replaced dye with tea as a possible RGO for the treaty ports events
  • Changed some of the unit build and supply costs
  • Restored vanilla build times for factories
  • Blockaded navalbases now take more time to repair ships
  • Increased the CB generation time because it was too fast
  • Fixed the AI chances to research navy techs
  • Improved some localisations and news articles
  • Fixed and improved more than a thousand flags, also made and added dozens of new ones

Beta v2

  • Added submarines
  • Fixed Tanganyika life ratings
  • Changed the German Namibia event to be less railroaded
  • Took out the Suez Canal Investment decision because it was already in there as an event
  • Fixed the unit start experience in NVs
  • Fixed some RP and modifier issues with China that led to early westernization
  • Fixed vanilla bug in poptypes
  • Fixed the Disloyal Regiment event
  • Added missing accepted cultures for China
  • Improved the Gibraltar core decision for Spain
  • Added/fixed some localisations
  • New flags for Albania (republic), Montenegro (monarchy) and Moldavia (communist), improved Transcaucasia flags
  • Raised small debt limit
  • Fixed the end of election event removing the prime minister if the same party won
  • Fixed a bug that reseted the militancy of the North Caucasian culture
  • More provinces with cotton for the USA
  • Changed coup prestige factors and fixed some election win country flags
  • Made the mod compatible with the 3.04 patch

Beta v1

  • New and reworked CBs, including taking a puppet from another country, or taking all your cores in a war

  • Changed and balanced some reforms, including increased minimum wage

  • Reworked National Values

  • Fixed and improved rebels

  • Moved fascists and great wars to 1900

  • Improved terrain and provinces, changed some pops to be more historical

  • Some new country colors, inlcuding Germany, Iberia, Austria-Hungary

  • Fixed every starting OOBs

  • A lot of irredentist decisions, for some irrelevant and small countries as well

  • A lot of historical and flavor events for American nations (including reworked material from Freedom and Chains, HGC and HPM):

    Added the Bear Flag Revolt for Mexico, decision for GP Empire of Mexico to reclaim Central America and to claim the US Pacific Coast
    Trent Affair for the UK intervening in the Civil War, and a possible New York secession after the draft riots if the USA is loosing really badly. Events for a victorious CSA, including socialism and communism influencing slaves, reinstalled slave trades or Golden Circle expansion.
    A lot of events related to Pedro II’s rule in Brazil, including slavery and education.
    War of the Pacific for Chile
    Political flavor events for South American countries, leadup events to NNM’s Paraguay War event.
    Decision for FRCA to claim Mayan lands after Yucatan votes to join
    New formable country for the Caribbean Islands (can be formed as a colony as well)

  • Made sure the Spanish/Portugese, Italian and German decisions and events can be used by Iberia, Papal Italy, German Confederation when it makes sense

  • Reworked the Hungarian Revolution, added a few leadup events

  • Reworked material from Gott Mit Uns:

    Flavor events for Italy, Germany and Austria about composers, literature, scientists etc
    Roman Republic, Five Days of Milan, Republic of San Marco and First Italian War of Independence events during the Springtime of Nations
    More archeology events about Mesopotamia, Crete, Mycenae, Maya and Inca ruins. Includes a fun minigame

  • Added missing Organize and Reorganize decisions and culture changes after native revolts for all colonial nations in Africa and Indochina, Organize Siberia and Kamchatka decisions for Russia

  • Decisions and events to restore the Ottoman Empire at its greatest extent if there isn’t a GP intervention in the Oriental Crisis

  • Detailed Caucasus War events

  • Second Balkan War event chain

  • Fixed some vanilla, NNM or Vickymod events that never worked, also improved them

  • Balanced and fixed events related to reforms and policies

  • Made sure its not possible to get more than one minister during multiplayer

  • Flavor events for Japan

  • Crusade for fascist Papal Italy

  • Something fun for Byzantine Empire… :slight_smile:

NOTE: This isn’t a full list.

Upcoming features:

WW1 event chain
Russian Civil War
German Revolution
Turkish War of Independence
1918-20 Hungarian events
WW1 peace treaties
Kaiserreich (Darkest Hour mod) events if the Central Powers win
Detailed genocide
Colonial policy[/spoil]

Versão atual: Beta v3
Tópico oficial do mod: moddb.com/mods/blood-and-iron-mod
Link do mod no nosso repositório: drive.google.com/file/d/0B38298 … sp=sharing
Tamanho Compactado: 62MB
Tamanho Descompactado: 241MB

Muito bom,to usando esse mod, conseguiu substituir o PDM.

Não sei se é impressão minha mas eles deram uma boa dificultada no jogo, na parte econômica e militar, o dinheiro está mais escasso e as brigadas sofrem mais baixas,pela primeira vez estou olhando os terrenos antes de mandar o exército avançar.