[MOD] - Random Scenario Generator

Este mod cria cenários com configurações diferentes dos lugares dos países.

Current version 1.6 For semper fi 2.03c:



version 1.3 vanilla hoi:

DOWNLOAD for vanilla hoi


Quote:How to install:

Unzip in your hoi III mod folder.

execute RandomHoi.exe

Choice your options and click “Do it!”


This will generate the history folder and the common/countries folder.

Launch hoi 3 with the launcher and select “RandomHoi” mod. Play,

If you want to try another random scenenario delete the History folder but no more! (dont delete the common folder!).

Execute randomhoi.exe again.

Know bugs:
-Crashes at start: Delete randomhoi/history and random hoi/common/countries and try again.
-Some huge countries will declare at once a lot of wars…

-Patch for 2.03c

1.52 hotfix
-updated lothos lua script. Now ai will build more land units (more!)
-some triggered modifiers updated
-minsiter files and events fixed (was causings crashes)
-little region.txt tweak
-some changes to defines.lua to fit better in a random hoi game (diplomacy options,nap durations,influence weights…)
-now war until 1938 fixed. And also AI will not break nap.
-fixed bug when sometime in the timeline of hte game ai will fail to declare war.
-timeline expanded to 1964

1.51 hotfix
-updated lothos lua script. Now ai will build more land units
-one triggered_modifier removed
-penalty for bigs ships its now or 16 hull(original was 12). This is way better for random hoi.
-countries will ally with 35 or lees of neutrality (was 25).

-ai will declare war
new modifiers for war:
-size of the contry
-neighbours(but i thinks is not working =( )
-ai will only ally with contries with high relation (75)
-raise the min neutrality to join factions (35)
-Some little tweaks to region.txt
-fixed bug:faction leaders now are majors again
-ai enacting laws withoutpresiquites
-some new strategic effects
-only non-faction members will create minors alliances
-battlevents bonus/malus now is longer (from 25 to 60)


-SF compatibility
-Victory conditions reworked
-some new trigger_modifiers by vinc3nt23
-battle events for all countries in war


-ai its building to many ports! (it will build a lot of ports but not all at once)
-some provinces with ports in lakes or inland (#1258, #861 , #533 )
-Steam version with new nations mod countries
-always 10 infra on capital
-option to +1 on infra for coastal with port
-tab for selecting brigades units at start (so if you dont want brigades at start, you can untick them)
-tab to select the starting date war (will add no aggresion pact with everyone to everyone).
-starting practical will be more likely like your tech focus, or random, or …
-new events to fit the the starting date war. For example, if you select 1937 it should raise an event who revoke al non_agression pact. Also, if you revoke one non_agression pact before the date you set, it will increase the dissdent about 50 or 75.


-Fixed some bugs (coastal forts for example)
-Now infantery has a higer chance for starting units
-Production ai quickFix adeed (see tech support)(ai will not build reserve (air//naval units)
-AI will try to build tanks (light and medium) if all their teathre requests are met and have IC to do so.
-AI will try to build battleships if all their teathre requests are met and have IC to do so.
-some country specifics production removed.
-AI will try to build some ports if they have less than 5.
-little tweaks to ai dow.
-total stats in stats tab


EDIT: I dont remember all, but… changelog:


-New tab options “buildings”
-Now you can choose who will be the leader of a faction (The country with more ic, more leaderships… ect)
-You can set the number of claim provinces
-You can not set longer the min skill of leaders.
-Random focus also affect to the model of your starting units. Now in 1.4 the game doesnt add random techs at start, maybe needs balance.
-Leaders factions can have bonuses at start (more infra, starting nuclear reactor, less neutrality, more NU… all optional of course)
-There is a little text preview of the countries when the game generate.
-Ic province based to starting Land units now cost 2.5 IC for brigade. (Was 3 brigades for every important province)
-Air and NAval units now start in the map and not in the queue screen.
-Lots of minor tweaks i dont remember
-Now VP is bases on ic,manpower and leader of the province.
-Now focus techs have their own .txt so you can add or remove techs for the generator
-Now all ministers have their own .txt so you can add or remove traits

Of course 1.4 compatible. New code so it will be easy to do more options!

from 0.9 to 1.0

-bug fixing
-more AI building templates
-little tweak to region.txt
-resource options
-country options (officers ratio, neutrality, national unity)
-some more stuff that i dont remember
-max of leaders and minsiters has benn descreased.

from 0.85 to 0.9

-Inclusion of a modified AIIP version**
-There will be less(or nothing) oil in VP provinces
-There will be less oil in other provinces
-Official ratio at the start will be 125%
-More region.txt tweak (persian provinces)
-Now you can decide what to do with the starting naval ships of landlocked countries. (keep the naval, change naval for air power, or change naval for infantery div)
-Fixed the custom starting land units bug. Sometimes it was giving more troops than the max units.
-Fixed the bug of inland-provinces with harbour. This was causing some CTD
-research focus balanced. Air power and Naval power focus has some new techs or better leves of. For minor balance Infantery power and Armour power has some little changes too.
-Stalinist and nazis parties will start VERY sigthly a bit far from the leaders of the faction.
-Now if there at least 3 countries, and you select all facions, the scenario will have always the 3 factions.

Quote:Great News! reisender let me use the AIIP modified* version i did for this mod, so it will be included in next version.
(code revision 306)
-Trades will be more useful
-AutoSliders will be more useful
-Countries will do a better production (units and buildings) (and its easy moddable, thx Darkzodiak for your great work!)
-Countries will do a better research (and its easy moddable, thx Darkzodiak for your great work!)
-Better alliance code
-Other improvements

*The influence code will be vanilla

*War code will be the same like 0.85

*Countries specific AI its deleted.

IF you want to use AIIP for your original hoi, never use THIS version, use the ORIGINAL (relogin if asked) instead!

Thx to all team of AIIP for their great work. from 0.8 to 0.85

bug fixing
ai script

now the AI will declare war if

-its at least 1937
-enemy has an antagonist ideology or enemy has some of our core provinces or is not a friend
-not at war
-he thinks (intel) that he has(more o less) a more powerful army than enemy
-can declare war (neutrality and stuff)
-more likely if AI have high threat
-more likely if AI´s enemy has high threat too

Change log from 0.72 to 0.8

-Starting units
-starting officials
-Tweaked more the Region.txt
-Tweaked capital location
-Tweaked skill leaders
-fixed some bugs
-all nations will be in the game, but if they arent at the start, they will releseable as puppets
-First version of our own AI for random hoi
–AI will make alliances
–AI will (theoretically) declare wars at some point
-drift speed changed to 0.25 from 0.50
-influence changed to 10 from 20
-commintern now have a threat of 15

Change Log from 0.5 to 0.72

More customization for leaders and infra.
Random ministers.
Starting techs.
Random naval bases.
All leaders and minsiter has his own random pics
More new nations mod countries (total 162)
Number of factions ingame

fixed bugs:

Country order will no be the same anymore.
All capital cities will have a victory point.

More airbases in non victory points provinces
Sightly less airbases in victory point provinces.
Naval bases in victory points can be level 10.
Leadeship in not victory points provinces is sightly high.
manpower in not victory points provinces is sightly high.
Spain provicnes order and canadian/greenland order. (a bit)

Events for war removed. I ll work in other solutions.

Edit: Esqueci de postar as informações do mod.

Current version 1.6 SF - 1.3 final for hoi 3 1.4

This mod create a random scenario for HOI III, creating random provinces, countries, leaders, minsters… every game its diferent!

Framework 2.0 its a must

Download and changelog here

Bugs and feature request here


SF version



Random map:

(random) World map

Random Diplo

Random Politics

Random Leaders

Random Techs (SS focused in tanks)

Names from RanRoad by AlenlorDRot.

162 countries game

Thx to the Daboo for permit the use of the new countries of New nation mod here.

Bah… q colcha de retalhos…

Que mod doente… hahaha

É porque não visse o Random MAP Generator.

Hum,cara… imagine só um MP disso? supondo que… eu vo de URSS e alguem va de GER… normal, GER vs URSS… aí joga no mapa… jogamos no que acontece ashauashsahusahusahsau… claro que vai ter neguinho que vai chorar hm

e a Alemanha Sendo as filipinas? LOL

os caras teriam que se adaptar e traçar estratégias em diferentes situações… é claro que deveria ser equilibrado os países… um tipo de Armaggedom o scenario, só que aleatório… Armagedon neguinho ja saca as coisas, vais de Suécia lá, isoladão e tal , essas manhas que o cara pega com o jogo… aleatório nao tem nada disso…

Jogador bom se vira em qualquer situação.

Alias, troço doente esse ai. Credo.