[Mod] Roman Houses

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Olha galera um mod pro Rome 2 que traz de volta a nostalgia do velho RTW! Estou usando ele e é mesmo muito legal, tem se nitidamente a impressão de estar jogando o antecessor, só que com todas as melhorias do game atual, recomendo! oferece boas horas de diversão :smiley:

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[spoil]Roman Republic.

Reminder: if you lag and it freezes after a turn, dont panic. thats just a mission that will pop, give it few second and you will be fine

Familiae Romanae [2 Turn Per Year included] [NEW CAMPAIGN REQUIRED] FOR RADIOUS AND VANILLA.

Introducing the Golden Nostalgia feeling we fans had back when the popular award winning Rome Total War was released. I have brought back the roman houses, the Senate and the Missions

This mod seperates the three Roman families (Junia, Julia and Cornelia) into three sub faction under the ruler of The Senate. Increasing the survival of the Roman republic to expand in various directions with a strong relationships between all the houses and the Senate, adding depth and immersive with the political and military aspect of the original game combined with Rome 2. Italy starts with a unmatched fortify starting point, giving other factions (carthage, greeks or the gauls) a challenge to take on Rome.

This mod works best for vanilla + additional mods or with Radious overhauls.

I did not change the AI behavior by any means, nor did i made “Rome” a overpowered faction. They are, extremely strong due to their broad unit variation, technology and historically speaking, they were advanced. Be aware that if you fight against them. you better wait till one of the Houses turns against the senate or the other houses.

If you are going to play as one of the roman families, i suggest you build a strong tie with the Senate. Unless the Senate is against you, then you better be ready for an intense CIVIL WAR that will completely turn the table, giving the advantage to the enemies of rome to take on you while you are taking on them and the romans.

Gameplay campaign in depth:


-The House of Julia [Julii]:
-The House of Junia [Brutii]
-The House of Cornelia [Scipii]


-Each faction will receive missions from their fellow romans and the senate.
-Some will be to kill your own Politician (statesman) or assasinate a general.
-some will be war expansion request or territory focus.
-The senate WILL assist when necessary, if certain missions werent completed by you in time. they will do the job instead. The senate will also defend italy from rebellions and invasions.


-As you progress, the more powerful you get, the more the senate likes you, the more other houses will hate you. beware of your relations with the other houses, and the senate. A civil war can break any time. Also, the more missions you succeed from the houses or from senate missions. the better your relations will be.


-Players can now play both as romans, from different Houses.


  • Fully compatible with present patch (9.1)
  • NOT saved game compatible, must start new campaign to benefit from this mod.
  • This mod can work along with other workshop mods as long they do not conflict Campaign/faction modification…
  • Compatible with Radious 100%. (Units won’t be shown in custom battles, only in campaign)


-Playable Factions and Custom Battle mod
-Large Empires by Dresden.
-Ancient Colors (all factions) by Epaminondas.
-Faction Colours Remastered by Spec.
-Divide et Impera
-Turns Per Year mods.

-Lux Aeterna [Side] Roman Faction Intro Video Mod by [GrudgeTheDutchman].
-Ui mod color by G Ξ Я Ψ L λ
-Thanks to SilentFairy for her awesome chocolates <3
-Creative Assembly for providing the tools for modders!

-Realistic legionary tactics by Abel1717 and i.
-Realistic Economy by Abel1717
-Realistic land & navy battles by Abel1717[/spoil]

Legal :slight_smile:

Na verdade… eu não gostava desse esquema de separar roma em 3 facções diferentes como era no Rome 1… foi uma das coisas q eu achei q melhorou no Rome 2… Mas é interessante mesmo assim.

Interessante, agora traduz o que tu colocou na descrição que eu quero ler também :stuck_out_tongue:

Aprende inglês q tu mesmo traduz.

Pague curso pra mim :stuck_out_tongue:

Pra q curso? Faz q nem eu, aprende jogando, oras

Fui um dos primeiros a jogar esse Mod q está muito massa é só esperar o cara atualizar 100% q será um Rome 1 TW no Universo do Rome 2 TW com esses Gráficos e todas essas melhorias, mas eu n entendo pq o cara n colocou os OBJ principais na campanha até agora, mas mesmo assim esse é o melhor Mod q já vi p esse Rome 2 TW !!! :wink: :goodpost