[MOD] - Validator for HoI 3

Isto é um programinha que procura os erros em arquivos do jogo. Muito útil para quem faz mods pois diz de onde vem a falha.

A Validator for Hoi3 Sick of hunting typos for hours and hours in your files? Hunt no more (or rather, find them in seconds) with the Validator. It will scan all of your files (moddir support included) and report any problems it finds.

Current Version: 0.8
Released: 30 June 2010
[color=yellow]–> Download v0.8 (Current Version) <–

NOTE: This version requires the .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile!!!
Download the Framework here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/d…0-ac39b33fd8ab

Older versions
0.7.4 beta
0.7.3 beta is not available.
0.7.2 beta
0.7.1 beta
0.7 beta
0.6.3 beta
Old 0.6.1 beta
Old 0.5 beta
Old 0.4 beta
Old 0.3 beta
Old 0.2 beta
Old 0.1.4 beta

[color=yellow]Download the User Guide Here

System Requirements
.NET Framework 4.0
Any reasonably new computer

More detailed usage instructions can be found in the user guide; download link above.